How to wear check prints this season with stylist Claire Fabb


Why we love a great print in a wardrobe basic:

One of the beautiful things about having a capsule wardrobe of basics is that everything goes with everything else. It’s the perfect collection of basics you need to get you dressed stylishly in the neutral tones of black, white and grey.

I use the term capsule wardrobe to describe the basics, because it’s from there you add to create personality and it’s this that reflects your personal style.

We have our go-tos, but how can we add to this to add a bit of flavour to spice up our simple, yet stylish wardrobe? It’s about selecting quality pieces that are going to last, but more importantly we layer in a print to the mix. And the print de jour this winter is this puppy tooth check.

Influenced by the international catwalks Sportscraft has created its own take on the houndstooth check for a wearable yet classic option.

Adapted into one of my favoured winter pieces the drape trench with a leather- look contrasted collar it can be tied loosely or belted tightly to reflect the proportions of a dress. This is the beauty of the trench, it really can worn as jacket or as an outfit on its own.

Here I’m wearing the perfect midi-length pencil skirt in Sportscrafts Prince of Wales print.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having the same item in different colours or prints. In fact it’s something I urge our Yellow Button personal styling clients to do. If it fits you perfectly and you love the look and feel, why wouldn’t you get it in different options? Alternatively you could spend months trying to find a similar piece.

The glorious part of wearing a print such as this, is you are able to match it back to everything in your wardrobe (the basics capsule collection I mentioned before). If you did want to mix it with other prints, you most definitely can.

Because it’s more of a subtle print this is a wonderful option to use as foundation print or as a base for something loud, bold and colourful. (An example of this, the bright floral prints we have seen for this season.)

Personalise your wardrobe however you please. Here are simple, yet stylish options of how I am wearing this wonderful print for this winter season.

Shop the Puppytooth Trench

The Check Skirt will be available online and in store in the coming weeks.


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