How to wear colour this Spring by Claire Fabb

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The days get longer and the nights are starting to get warmer. It’s the first sign that spring is indeed dawning upon us. I don’t know about you but when I think spring, I think colour.

I adore colour but sometimes wearing it can be tricky. How can you incorporate colour into an outfit without feeling like Ronald McDonald?

Claire Fabb Sportscraft 2(Shop Claire’s look: Savannah Tencel shirt & Elisha Denim skirt)

I wanted this post to highlight two really easy ways of doing just this. Creating an interesting colourful look to celebrate the new bloom of spring, without compromising my own personal style.

As a stylist there are many tips and tricks we know and one of the easiest ways to add a ‘pop’ of individuality is a scarf. A scarf is a fabulous accessory and can change your outfit in a heartbeat.

Claire Fabb Sportscraft 1(Shop Claire’s look: Savannah Tencel shirt, Lucie shirtElisha Denim skirt & Wendy spot scarf)

You can wear it as a headscarf tied around your head channelling a 70’s look which is so ‘now’ this season, wearing it around your neck, looped on your bag or like I’ve added it here, wearing it as a belt.  It’s so simple and is a great way of breaking up a block coloured look. This double denim could be a bit O.T.T for some, however adding a scarf (or belt) breaks it up. Depending on your mood you can add different patterns, colours and create that added to flair to your outfit.

Claire Fabb Sportscraft 3(Shop Claire’s look: Savannah Tencel shirtElisha Denim skirt & Wendy spot scarf)

How I’ve tied it here is to loop it back over on itself and tuck it through. Other options are to leave it knotted with the ties hanging down, or tying it into a bow – on the side, in the front, at the back. The options are endless.

Another way to get creative with colour is layering. I’m loving layering shirts, it adds that ‘preppy’ style I’m particularity fond of at the moment. How you do this is to choose colours that suit your skin tone. Then layering them up. Wear a relatively fitted shirt underneath and a looser on the top so you don’t end up looking like Clarke Kent aka Superman, with another outfit busting out from underneath.  The reason I like this is it creates and interesting layered collar effect and an added ‘pop’ to the sleeve with the underneath shirt being rolled up, hence the layering of colour also features here. It’s not about going over the top in terms of colour. For me it’s more about creating an interesting story.

Claire Fabb Sportscraft 4(Shop Claire’s look: Savannah Tencel shirt, Lucie shirtElisha Denim skirt & Wendy spot scarf)

There are many tips and tricks to styling up an outfit. For more information or to book your own Yellow Button stylist email and visit

I hope you have a BLOOM-ing marvellous start to spring!

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