How to wear the wool trend with Claire Fabb


Winter. When I think of this glorious season there are many things that come to mind. Cold nights, laying under a soft woollen blanket reading a book or watching tv on the couch, re-dressed ready for temperature drop.  Prior to climbing into bed nights are best spent sipping on red wine by the fire place.

I love playing with different layers to create a different story in an outfit as most often than not, I revert to jeans as my preferred trouser choice. The 70s flare, boyfriend, skinny, cropped. I am a professional at justifying my jean choices because I can, but also because I wear them. Every. Single. Day.

With the foundation of a jean this is the building block for creating warmth and a flattering, stylish look. How do we achieve this?


Introducing the hero item for this winter…The KNIT.

The reason why the knit is such an important piece is because it goes back with absolutely everything. From a skirt (be long or short) to an oversized man style trouser, a cigarette shape cropped pant, even a track pant. Add a knit and you instantly update a very casual track look into a stylish elevated ensemble, talking to the sports luxe trend.

How do you create a stylish look when your goal is to be warm? It’s about creating your own story. Layering is key. Textures, tones, different silhouettes.  A simple knit might seem like a just a knit, but it really creates it’s own style. And it’s versatile.

The knit I’m wearing here I’ve chosen for a number of reasons. Firstly, the cable detailing is classic, beautiful and has a nautical element. And the cut is superb.

If I were to walk into a shop I would try on my regular size (as seen here) and I would also take a size 2 sizes larger into the change room. Why? Because one item can look completely different worn different ways. It still has the initial appeal of the texture, the tone and the cut however now it is an oversized knit. Longer in the torso, longer in arms and looser throughout the body. This would be worn with a skinny jean to create that even silhouette.



Off white is such a crisp, elegant option for winter. My other favourite tone is grey. Both neutral options and can be adapted into any wardrobe ensemble. It’s about investing in in pieces that reflect quality and then build from there via your accessories if you want to add in a trend element.

The grey jacket is a great stylish option for ‘throw and go’. The last piece you grab before you walk out the door. The boxy oversize shape in this grey means it compliments most outfits and will a wardrobe favourite for years to come.

Dressing casually doesn’t have to mean you compromise your style. It’s how you mix it together. What you wear keeping in mind the story of balancing your layers. For me a tonal white outfit is a go-to because even though it’s jeans and knit in white is somehow reflects a more styled, polished option when going for an off-duty style.


By Claire Fabb of

Location:  Ovolo Hotel Woolloomoloo thanks to MrandMrsSmith.

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