Summer Limited Edition Collaboration with Shilo Engelbrecht


Just in time for Christmas, we collaborated on a limited edition collection of beach essentials with renowned Australian artist Shilo Engelbrecht.


Shilo is known for her bold artworks that translate seamlessly onto textiles and she has garnered international acclaim and recognition by the likes of Missoni and Kit Kemp.

Her paintings are typically an exercise in spontaneity and have an emphasis on brush strokes and colour. They tell a personal story about her travels over the last few years as well as documenting her natural surroundings. Shilo’s bright and brilliant creations were an obvious fit for Sportscraft this season.

Specifically for Sportscraft’s summer collection, Shilo created a vibrant print to be placed on everything from sarongs to beach bags, boardies and beach umbrellas.


Purchase an item from the collaboration here

We asked Shilo about her creative inspirations and favourite summer memories by the ocean.

What inspired your design for the Sportcraft capsule collection print?

The coastal nature in Australia. I’m always so moved by the landscape of Sydney’s beaches and I wanted to capture the natural energy from the wind, surf and light.

What was the most enjoyable part of your collaboration with Sportscraft?

My work has been focused on linen homewares and wearable pieces so it’s been exciting to see my artwork transferred onto a new range of products specially designed for a summer at the beach.

What is the next step on your creative journey?

I’m launching my new range of linen bedding and clothing, working on my painting over Christmas, followed by showings in Paris and a project in Los Angeles.

What are your favourite summer memories?

Swimming at Cabarita beach at dusk, watching whales and camping at Stradbroke Island.

How will you be spending Christmas this year?

At mum and dad’s lychee farm in Northern NSW.


Own a little piece of Shilo’s art this summer, with her vibrant print sitting perfectly on our collection of beach essentials.

See more of Shilo’s work @shiloengelbrecht or visit

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