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(Shop the Drape trench coat in Navy or Cream)

There is one key item I include in my wardrobe essentials for all of my Yellow Button personal styling clients: the trench coat.

Timeless, classic and perennially chic. Favoured by some of the heroines of years gone by – Katharine Hepburn, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Bianca Jagger and Princess Diana, to name but a few.

I call it “the transforming trench.” It has the ability to change the most average of outfits into something of a headliner.

Claire Fabb Sportscraft Trench 2

I love the look of a trench coat tied up tightly around the waist. I also adore the loose tie at the back leaving it to flow openly as you walk. I think this is the beauty of these Sportscraft trenches. They have their own identity, creating a fluid look of their very own.

Claire Fabb Sportscraft Trench 3

There are two jackets I rotate regularly in my wardrobe. One is my leather jacket and the other a fabulous black Sportscraft trench I bought a few years ago and have worn to death. I must admit that it’s wonderful to add a few more to the rotation, whilst still keeping things classic in navy and cream.

Claire Fabb Sportscraft Trench 4

The advice I give to my clients is you need to invest in great pieces. If you find the perfect item, get it in two colours. It’s not about reinventing the fashion wheel or having rooms full of clothing that you never wear. The beauty of having wonderful essential pieces is you create a wardrobe full of things that you wear over and over again.

The trench. Once converted it’s hard to look back. Channel that effortless chic Katharine Hepburn for your everyday. Work or play.

Claire Fabb Sportscraft Trench 5

– Claire Fabb of Style by Yellow Button

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