The Ultimate How-To: Transeasonal Dressing by Claire Fabb

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(Shop: Suzie Knit Tunic)

You never want to compromise your style, and transitioning between seasons can make getting dressed more challenging than usual.

The trick is, you want pieces that can take you in-between – but only the good pieces.

claire fabb sportscraft 2(Shop: Suzie Knit Tunic)

With that in mind, I wandered into Sportscraft on the weekend and the fabulous image of Naomi Watts hung in the window wearing a knit I needed to try on immediately. So, I did. It’s the perfect trans-seasonal piece to highlight for my post this month.

Knits almost rule the trend game this winter and this one is the perfect examples of a knit to take us through this tricky 4-seasons-in-one-day period. The other item I happily left the store with was the longline sleeveless vest.

claire fabb sportscraft 3(Shop: Suzie Knit Tunic)

A tailored piece can and should be a hero in your wardrobe and I can’t emphasise that enough. Why? For many reasons: Having a structured piece that fits your body perfectly can transform your appearance as its sharp, classic and smart.

Other reasons why I favour a tailored piece are as follows. Tailoring is the easiest way to create the appearance of a smaller waist, it can create an illusion that you are taller than you actually are, and it can make you look five kilos slimmer than your scales read – it’s the best weight loss trick in the book! However, I do seem to be getting off-track…

claire fabb sportscraft 5(Shop: Signature Longline Vest)

THIS is a piece to be worn now and throughout the season. Layering is key, and in the cooler months it would also look wonderful over a fine woollen knit or turtleneck knit.

I’ve chosen two grey options by chance, as often happens when I subconsciously become fixated with something. This season I’m opting for a softer tone. Teaming grey with white keeps it fresh and reminds me of that fabulous Cameron Diaz movie The Holiday, where everything was white as snow and warm as the roaring fire…

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Story by Claire Fabb, Style by Yellow Button. 

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