Top Sportscraft Sale picks with Claire Fabb

Clare Bts

I popped into Sportscraft the other day to have a look at the wonderful offers on at the moment. Some of the featured sale pieces I had been eyeing off earlier in the season were there for the taking.

Also on those inviting racks were some other wonderful pieces I already own and have worn over and over however, they were hanging there in an array of different colours. Taking my own advice that I tell my styling clients “If you wear something all the time and it suits you, get it in another colour. ” So I did.

Here are my picks for this fabulous Winter Sale.

Claire Fabb sale 2(Shop Sportscraft white shirts on sale)

1. Can you ever have enough white shirts? No, I really think not. Once you find a great one, purchase immediately.

Claire Fabb sale 3(Shop Sportscraft Pri Animal Slipper shoes, 20% off for a limited time)

2. Statement Loafer – One of the easiest ways to up-style a look or buy into a trend (without the trend wearing you ) is a printed or colourful shoe. Keep the shapes basic and the prints bold! A great way to wear an animal print this season.

Claire Fabb sale 4(Shop Sportscraft trenches on sale. Shop Miranda Classic trench, 20% off for a limited time)

3. The Trench – It’s not a secret that I adore a trench and I firmly believe it belongs in every woman’s wardrobe to create that instant chic look. (Bland to fab in a minute!). It’s wonderfully chic, a classic (Audrey Hepburn loved hers) and also incredibly functional as that extra layer for our climate.

Claire Fabb sale 1(Shop Sportscraft Baldwin men’s satchel on sale now)

4. The Mens satchel – I’ve been looking for a great bag to hold my documents, computer, magazines and bits and bobs as I’m often on the road at various different locations each day. This is just the perfect size and I’m also loving the tan as it’s more casual than my collection of black bags.

5. The Longline vest – I actually already have this. In grey. I bought it at the beginning of the season and have worn it regularly. It’s wonderful as a layering piece and it’s a great to have an option for both work outfits and play.

Happy Shopping! Claire Fabb, Style by Yellow Button.

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